About Us

Eversec Technology Corporation was founded on August, 2008,Registered Capital accounted for CNY75,000,000. Eversec is devoted to be pioneer of national cyberspace security , it has been certified as National High-tech Enterprise and granted a series of awards including Top 100 ZongGuanCun、trustee number of National Engineering Lab, Actor of Beijing Engineering Lab..etc.

Core business

Core Business Positioning:Mobile Internet and Internet Information Security solutions, Add-on services and Big Data analysis; Major product-line covers Cyber security、Information security、Network Optimization and Signaling Analysis、Value added services etc.

Our Business Innovation

Be alert to national security strategies and policies

Quick response and innovation

Unique、full-scale“cloud, channel, device”technology

Large online behavior characteristic database of nation wide mobile internet and network security information database for supporting “cloud, channel, device” technology

Our Vision

To become a first-class big data network security company, provide data mining, based on data flow from mobile network, fixed network, IDC , through our self- owned “data flow sensor” , grow as a cyber security pioneer that based on “cloud-channel-device” integration and visualization analysis technique of network security.

To become the trust worthy builder of future oriented national cyberspace security infrastructure;to become a world-class security data carrier.

Eversec’s market positioning

category Eversec’s Ability Comparative Advantage
Security Capability Detection DPI/DFI • Leading Self controlled DPI technology * * *
Active Detecting • Self controlled crawler platform, crawling object network side selection
• active recognition and traffic identification
• Has the most authoritative vulnerability database
* *
Local Access • 40 million client on APP mobile security
• host Agent level has a domestic leading strategic partner
Defense Blocking • Real time blocking through intelligent channel technology * * *
Diversion • Through intelligent channel technology and SDN to achieve real-time diversion * *
Interfering • Custom real time network message insertion and replacement * *
Tracking Threat Source • Filtering and screening of threat information capacity in the whole network * *
Threat Identification • Filtering and screening of threat information capacity in the whole network
• Massive social engineering database
Threat Organization
Forecast Threat ability • From the perspective of software behavior, the threat of scene recognition *
Threat Intelligence • Cross Internet and traditional security vendors threatened intelligence cooperation
• Threat intelligence cooperation across different Internet business
• Internal and external threat intelligence cooperation
* *
Threat Tendency
Data operation Cloud • The most authoritative APP features, behavioral characteristics, vulnerability database
• 3000T data association and mining in the whole network daily
* *
Channel • 80% operator network channel coverage * * *
Device • Combined with the enterprise side solutions and the device side solutions of the linkage ability *
Main clients • MIIT、MPS、MSS、PLA、Carrier operators * * *
Main products • Security DPI、Security big data、Security control platform
Market position • Leading enterprise in security monitoring and big data operating in China

Our core product lines

solutions to combat telecommunications network fraud

• Based on Eversec’s malicious number detection engine, using the log retention system of quasi real time words, identify the malicious number and the victim in a timely manner

• Log retention system will be submitted to a single real-time reporting to a single server, then a single server to pre process data

• Offline training system perceives malicious phone numbers and victims according to MC bill

• Telecom operators shut off malicious numbers and reminds users to MC bill

• Data of MC bill is circulated within operator’s network only, no risk of privacy leakage

Big data solution for IDC-ISP-CDN

• ICP/IP Address Record Management system

• Access resource management system

• IDC/ISP Information Security Management System

• CDN Integrated Internet Information Security Management Platform

Add-on service of mobile internet business
Reuse security infrastructure platform, integrate data, to establish the Mobile Internet Data Management Platform
Internet DPI
Internet DPI ,Provides high performance, business analysis of large traffic, network security event monitoring Target User:Backbone network, IDC export Data collection scene:botnet, Trojan And Worm of backbone network, IDC information security management execution unit
Big Data Platform Product

• Provide data analysis portal

• Segment processing business / Internet security data

• Including searching, etc.

• Analysis of visualization security data

• Could be integrated into an external application

• Through restful api

• Mature analysis

operating platform

Aggregated Platform of Security Resources

• Aggregated operation of data

• The 4 National Repository: CNVD Vulnerability Database ; ANVA Virus Database ; Anti-phishing Website Domain Database ; WhiteList Database

• Accumulated 160,000 Vulnerability: With more than 50,000 authentication information and POC

• Millions of samples of Mobile virus features

• Tens of millions of PC virus samples

• Thousands of millions of malicious domains

Communication network DPI
Communication network DPI Intensive exploration of telephone signaling Mc,Base station signalingX2/UU, 2/3/4G data signaling(Gb/IuPs/S1-MME),4G VoLTE voice. Target user:Communication core network. Data collection scene:Call security, cell security, etc.; performance monitoring network Application level:Each application system can be used to query and subscribe to each data through the interface between sharing level Sharing level:Complete log data storage, query, etc., provide real-time / quasi real-time log data sharing interface Combining level:Complete D single port XDR backfill, multi interface XDR synthesis, as well as the application of the XDR synthesis and output, the data for a short period of storage Collecting level:Based on the IP protocol, the mobile communication signaling and user interface data are collected in real time through the convergence and shunt and the acquisition equipment. The synthetic analysis is made and the single interface XDR is generated and uploaded to the data synthesis layer